Dedicated to enriching others lives

I am married to Sandy, who was my pen-pal when I was stationed overseas, we celebrated our 46th anniversary in December 2017. We have two children, Amy & Eric, who both live in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Eric is married to Portia and they are raising our two precious granddaughters, Loralei and Isabella. I was a computer professional for more than 30 years. Sandy and I have been missions advocates for more than 15 years (we serve as a bridge between missionary leaders and those who may want to partner with them).

We promote wellness and teach others, for free, how to adopt healthy habits and to enjoy the process. This became a passion for us after discovering that healthy habits dramatically improved our own quality of life. Sandy came from, being a prisoner in her own body with a painful and disabling disease and on narcotic pain medications for 11 years, to us having NO medical expenses for nearly 10 years.

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