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Your Health - when you lose it you value it more.

For 11-years we (doctors, myself and my wife) battled rheumatoid arthritis that was ravaging her body.  We did everything that the doctors told us to do, yet it was a dreadful existence for Sandy and I.  Her pain was so unbearable that she dreaded waking up.  My primary focus was to be her care giver, everything else took a back seat and suffered as a consequence.

The last 2 years of those dreadful 11, we came to realize that the root problem was in her diet.  But, we didn’t know where to turn.  In those 2 years we tried everything and were constantly given hope but the results would fall far short of unlocking the prison that Sandy was in.

Then, we were introduced to another approach with the recommendations of a nutritional doctor.  This time, RESULTS, Sandy was released from the chains that bound her.  Naturally, we have a passion for helping others out of their sickness cages and more importantly helping them learn how to avoid the long term sickness bondage altogether.  We realize that Stuff happens – but you can improve your odds and reduce the impact, if you pursue Wellness.

We don’t want you to go through what we went through, let us help you in the pursuit of Wellness.  We gladly provide ‘free training to as many as we can.  Want to have a better future – contact us and we will try to help you find it.


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