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Why Missions!

In late July of 1994 the Lord gave me a vision of Sandy & I on the missions field.  We had never been on a missions trip, not sure that we had ever even thought about it – but that glimpse stuck with me.  I didn’t know where it was and had no idea how it would happen, but it was so real that I was sure that it was going to happen.

Six weeks later, in the Emergency Room, a doctor was telling me to get the family there quickly because there was no way that Sandy would still be alive in the morning.  But the vision was so real to me that I told the doctor that she would live to go on the mission field with me.  He became very impatient with me – there was no time to lose, there was no possibility that they would be able to save her.  So I declared to him: You say that there is no possibility that you or anyone here in this hospital can save Sandy – so are you telling me that if she was to live it would have to be a miracle from God!  Yes it would have to be a miracle from God, he said, now get your family here.  A week later the doctor was telling everyone about the miracle that had happened there in that hospital.

Six months later Sandy & I, against doctors orders, were on that first missions trip.  Our lives have never been the same.

Adding soon - Where we are going and where we have been.
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